Dec. 21, 2022

Meet John: The Global Entrepreneur that helped me Purchase in Kenya (EP4)

Meet John: The Global Entrepreneur that helped me Purchase in Kenya (EP4)

Queen sat down with Global Entrepreneur John Debollette of the Diaspora Freedom Initiative to discuss what life is like living in a foreign country and building businesses in Africa, Asia & America...hey that's AAA 😂

They discussed how his business assists entrepreneurs in creating an air bnb business & building a manufacturing base in Kenya while stimulating the African & American economy

John is the business strategist that assisting Queen in purchasing in Kenya

Topics Covered:

  • Life in Kenya
  • Building a Business in Kenya
  • Purchasing Property in Kenya

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You'll Learn About:

  • The 4 Different Types of Rental Income Streams
  • How to Buy Property in Africa
  • How to Buy Property in the Caribbean
  • How to Buy Property in Select Latin Countries


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John DebellotteProfile Photo

John Debellotte

Business Strategist & CEO of Diaspora Freedom Initiative

John DeBellotte is an international business strategies. Founder of the after Freedom Initiative , BIPOC Investment Group, 10% Initiative, Golden Lotus Kung-fu Academy, DeBellotte Global Limited & more.

John DeBellotte is a subject matter expert in US corporate formation strategies & Black owned business expansion into Africa.

John owns companies & corporations in the United States, Kenya & Grenada W.I.

John's core competencies includes Strategic Planning, Grant Writing, Investor Pitch Decks, African Real Estate purchase & Development.
Your Philosophy (What makes your approach different)?: John's US philosophy is to make sure that you are structured for success and have a valid plan of execution in place.

John's African Business strategy is to provide services to the Black Diaspora world wide to facilitate equitable business interactions between Black people in the Diaspora & Black people in Africa.

Specifications: Corporate Strategy, Assets Protection, African Expansion, Grant Writing, Pitching & deck building