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REAL ESTATE IS GLOBAL! So you know we have conversations about the markets that exist, how to fund deals, how to establish an actual business in different countries and who can help us do it
Real Estate

Meet John: The Global Entrepreneur that helped me Purchase in Kenya (EP4)

Dec. 21, 2022

Queen sat down with Global Entrepreneur John Debollette of the Diaspora Freedom Initiative to discuss what life is like living in a foreign country and building businesses in Africa, Asia & America...hey that's AAA 😂 They…

Real Estate

I Purchased an 1/8 Acre on My Credit Card (EP3)

Dec. 15, 2022

I bought a 1/8 Acre on My Credit Card‼️ I LOVE DEBT you hear me? Like credit and leveraging Other People’s Money is my absolute FAVORITE past time. And that’s what allowed me to purchase LAND…a whole 1/8 of an ACRE in KENYA.…