This podcast turns first time homebuyers and homeowners into real estate investors! The idea of the American Dream has shifted. We now have to play by a new set a rules following the fallout from the crash of 2008, "Buy an Investment Property FIRST and Primary Home SECOND". Join Queen and all her business and real estate friends talk about domestic and international real estate markets. DISCLAIMER: THIS IS NOT INVESTMENT ADVICE AND DOES NOT CREATE A CLIENT RELATIONSHIP. THIS PODCAST IS FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY

About the Host

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International Real Estate Investor & Sales Agent

Hi! I'm Queen Your Global Real Estate Plug™️. I purchased my first property in 2018 after paying down 50K debt in 2.5 years while building and maintaining an 808 FICO Score. In 2022 I sold my U.S. property to purchase an 1/8 acre of land (on my credit cars!) and build a 4 bed/4 bath short term rental in KENYA

Now I sell luxury real estate in Africa, the Caribbean, and select Latin Countries. I eat, sleep, and breath real estate. It's one of the magic keys to true generational wealth!