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Ready Set PURCHASE!™️

Ready Set PURCHASE!™️

This podcast turns first time homebuyers and homeowners into real estate investors! The idea of the American Dream has shifted. We now have to play by a new set a rules following the fallout from the crash of 2008, "Buy an Investment Property FIRST and Primary Home SECOND". Join Queen as she talks about her journey from homeowner to real estate investor. DISCLAIMER: THIS IS NOT INVESTMENT ADVICE AND DOES NOT CREATE A CLIENT RELATIONSHIP. THIS PODCAST IS FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY

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Dec. 21, 2022

Meet John: The Global Entrepreneur that helped me Purchase in Kenya (…

Queen sat down with Global Entrepreneur John Debollette of the Diaspora Freedom Initiative to discuss what life is like living in a foreign country and building businesses in Africa, Asia & America...hey that's AAA 😂 They dis...

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Dec. 15, 2022

I Purchased an 1/8 Acre on My Credit Card (EP3)

I bought a 1/8 Acre on My Credit Card‼️ I LOVE DEBT you hear me? Like credit and leveraging Other People’s Money is my absolute FAVORITE past time. And that’s what allowed me to purchase LAND…a whole 1/8 of an …

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Nov. 23, 2022

This is Holding You Back (EP2)

Listen to Queen tell you the main reasons she sold her car and how that sale was able to help her in acquiring real estate in Kenya. There are some major investor mindset nuggets in this episode! Don't worry we'll …

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STR Real Estate Investor & Mentor

Hi! I'm Queen and I'm the Global Real Estate Plug™️. I purchased my first property in 2018 after paying down 50K debt in 2,5 years while building and maintaining an 808 FICO Score. In 2022 I sold my U.S. property to purchase an 1/8 acre of land (on my credit cars!) and build a 4 bed/4 bath short term rental in KENYA!